Toby Hill

Our Native Bush


One of the things that attracted Heather and Trevor to the property was the native bush.

They originally fenced off the first block of bush as soon as the bought the farm in 1981.  Unfortunately the snow and the wind damages a lot of bush so as time went on Heather and Trevor wanted to preserve other large areas of bush.


In the last three years they have fenced a further three areas and planted over 6000 trees.  With over fifty two species of plants throughout the property, they have taken advice from the Department of Conservation, ensuring each and every plant has the right environment and care.


They are passionate about this project and have learnt a lot about the native bush and species.  The bush they are regenerating is a credit to them which has been recognised by the Dianna Issac Cup which is an Award they recently received for recognising outstanding efforts to weave the native plants into the working land of the Selwyn District.