Toby Hill

Your hosts Heather and Trevor have been farming in Kowai Bush since buying “Korimako” in 1969.

Previously Trevor was a professional shearer for nine years.

Heather and Trevor bought Tobyhill Farm in 1981 as an addition to Korimako.  They farmed both blocks of land and in 1996 started doing farm tours in addition to farming.  In 2004 they sold the original block of land and built a new house at Tobyhill where they live today.

They purchased Tobyhill Farm from a man called Toby Rutherford.  Mr Rutherford was a long time resident of Kowai Bush who once owned 1200 acres in Kowai Bush.  As the contour of the land was hilly the property was nicknamed Tobyhill, which stuck!

Trevor and Heather raised three children on the farm and now have six grandchildren and one great grandson who all enjoy coming back to the farm.